Pastors Heart

-from the Pastor’s Heart
The Upside-Down Kingdom
Redemption begins. The faith begins. The good news begins. The Word of Messiah begins. The message of salvation begins. The Gospel begins. It all begins in a tomb. …How radical and completely upside-down this is!
What is a tomb? It is a place where hope ends, where dreams end, where life ends, where everything ends. The tomb is the Place of the End. But in God, the tomb, the Place of the End, becomes the Place of Beginning. In God, the journey goes not from life to death, but from death to life. The end is the beginning. So to find life, you must come to the tomb.
You must come to a place of death to find life. Only those who come to the Place of the End can reach the Place of New Beginnings! For in Messiah, it is in the Place of Ending that we find the Beginning, and in the place of hopelessness that we find True-Hope, and in the place of sorrow that we find True-Joy, and in the place of death that we are Born-Again. For in God, it is in a tomb…that we find our birth.
What is it in your life that must end? Bring it into the Messiah’s tomb. And wait there. For after you’ve come to the end, you’ll find The Beginning. The Book of Mysteries-Johnathan Kahn
For whoever is bent on saving his temporal life [his comfort and security here] shall lose eternal life; and whoever loses his life [his comfort and security here] for My sake shall find life everlasting. Matt.16:25 (AMP)
This Jesus surly knows somethings we don’t. We should listen to Him—Pastor Gary