Our Mission at The Sanctuary is to make God visible to Morgan County by doing His will, so that all who see God through us might become fully devoted followers of Christ.

We see ourselves bound together and energized by faith, love and commitment to Jesus Christ . Even though you may not yet share that faith, love and commitment , you are most welcome to be with us, to belong here and to experience what we are about. Then, if you are attracted and persuaded by what you see, you may want to set down roots here long-term. And if you don’t you will always be our friend

Church History

2021 May Chuck and Christel Griffin follow Gary and Billie Meadows who served faithfully there for nearly a decade.

2013 December 24th  First Service at New Location

2013 Services at the Clarion waiting on new building

2012 December 30th  Last service at downtown campus

2011 Gary & Billie Meadows replace retiring Pastor Ben & Brenda Baughman

2001 West Campus purchased

1988 Pastors Ben & Brenda Baughman begin a long tenure and change the name to The Sanctuary

1987 pastor Rex Carroll and the Log Lane Church joined the First assemblies & Strengthen the Congregation.

1986 Ken Smith Fort Morgans Postmaster, Began pastoring and restoring the health of the Church

1980’s difficult years, nearly closed the church

1977 Church was purchased from the First Presbyterian Church

1923-1975 Changes of many kinds took place during these years. Renamed the Church to Fort Morgan First Assemblies. Approximately 50 pastors during this time.

1925-1930 Several Churches were founded out of the Fort Morgan Tabernacle including New Raymer and Brush

1923Building on 7th and Main was dedicated Founding Pastors left church. Theodore returned to England and Eric became a missionary in Upper Volta

1922 Church Set in order as an Assemblies Of God General Counsel Church

1921 Fort Morgan Gospel Tabernacle Eric & Theodore Booth-Clibborn grandsons of General Booth , Founder of the Salvation Army

The Assemblies of God

The Assemblies of God was founded in 1914 in Hot Springs, Arkansas with 300 people at the  founding convention. Today there are 13,023 churches in the U.S. with  over 3 million members and adherents. There are more than 67 million Assemblies of God members worldwide, making the Assemblies of God the  world’s largest Pentecostal denomination. The U.S. Assemblies of God national office is  located at 1445 N. Boonville Avenue,Springfield, Missouri. It houses  the denomination’s executive and administrative offices, service  divisions and departments, and the Gospel Publishing House printing  plant which ships over 6 tons of literature daily.